Where It Stops

Where It Stops follows a woman in NYC high on love, through her relationship with a man high on everything else. We travel through the chaos of the most emotional moments of their abusive relationship as she builds the will to make her way out of a habit she doesn't want to quit.

Directed by: Chelsea B. Lockie

Written by: Leah Kreitz

Starring: Leah Kreitz & Federico Rodriguez

Coming Out

Coming Out is the story of Sam. Sam was scared of the world. Sam locked herself inside, but the world kept spinning...and spinning...and spinning. Now her friends are here to give her the push she needs to get back out there. Hopefully the world hasn't spun too far.

Directed by: Chelsea B. Lockie

Created by: Leah Kreitz

Starring: Megan Gaber, Michael Oloyede & Peter Evangelista

On Death & Dying

On Death & Dying: A Collection is a collection of three short film pieces tied together solely by the themes of death and dying. How do we tackle exploring themes that make us uncomfortable? How varied can our individual responses to this theme be? Can we make art about our aversion to death? Through tragedy, how do people find themselves?

Written & Directed by: Dana Kreitz, Chelsea B. Lockie, Griffin Stanton-Ameisen

Starring: Megan Gaber, Leah Kreitz, Dana Kreitz, Zora Lewis